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A cautionary tale for the New Year (with H. Crystal)
Bulletin, College of Speech Therapists, 346 (February 1981), 1-2
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A linguistic perspective for the assessment and treatment of language disability
Proceedings of the 5th International Deaf-Blind Seminar, 1974 (London: RNIB, 1976), 46-58
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Aspects of clinical linguistic theory and practice
Proceedings of the 1980 Annual Conference of the Australian Association of Speech and Hearing, Perth, 1981, 1-25
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Assessing grammar: the languages of LARSP (co-editor)
(eds) Martin J Ball, David Crystal & Paul Fletcher (Bristol: Multilingual Matters, 2011), xiii + 318 pp. 9781847696380
(Edward Arnold, 1985-96)
Child Language Teaching and Therapy (editor)
(Edward Arnold, 1985-96)
CL&P's first fifteen years: an introductory comment. [followed by an Index]
Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics 16, 2003, 487-572
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Clinical linguistics
In M. Aronoff & J. Rees-Miller, The Blackwell Handbook of Linguistics (Oxford: Blackwell, 2001), 673-82
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Clinical linguistics
Disorders of Human Communication 3 (Vienna & New York: Springer, 1981), xii+228 pp. 3 211 81622 4; 0 387 81622 4; paperback edition (London: Arnold), 0 7131 6506 5; paperback edition (London: Whurr), with additional references, xiii+230 pp. 1 870332 65 2
Clinical linguistics: conversational reflections
Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics, 27 (4), 2013, 236-43
Commentary on ‘Vocal communication in pre-verbal normal and autistic children’
In N. O'Connor (ed), Language, cognitive deficits and retardation (London: Butterworths, 1975), 81-5
Comprehending (and uncomprehending) comprehension: from top to bottom and back again
The NAPLIC Conference 1995 (National Association of Professionals concerned with Language-Impaired Children), 9-12
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Concepts of language development: a realistic perspective
In W. Yule & M. Rutter (eds), Language development and disorders (London: Mac Keith Press, 1987), 42-52
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Contrived sign language (with E. Craig)
In I. Schlesinger & L. Namir (eds),Current trends in the study of sign languages of the deaf (New York: Academic Press, 1978), 141-68
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Disorders of speech
Mimms Magazine 2 (1), 1978, 15-17
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Dissemination Service Research Project
(Diploma in Remedial Language Studies). Final Report to Department of Education and Science and AFASIC, 1985
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Editor's notes (2 books)
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 2 (1), 1986, 124
Editor's notes (2 books)
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 12 (3), 1996, 378-9
Editor's notes (4 books)
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 2 (3), 1986, 368-71
Editor's notes (4 books)
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 5(3), 1989, 368-9
Elements of early language development
MEIU Conference on Screening Procedures in Child Health Clinics, Cambridge, September 1983
Nicole Whitworth & Rachael-Anne Knight (eds), Methods in Teaching Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics (J&R Press, 2014), 1
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Grammatical profiles: further languages of LARSP (co-editor)
(eds) Martin J Ball, Paul Fletcher and David Crystal (Bristol: Multilingual Matters, 2019), xix + 306 pp. 9781788924382
How language breaks down
English Today 1991, 25, 21-8
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Il significato della metodologia nell'approcio logopedico
Atti del 1o Congresso Italiano di Logopedia, Rimini, 1980 (Rome: Armando, 1981)
Interaction des niveaux linguistiques chez les enfants atteints d'un handicap au niveau du langage
(Interaction between linguistic levels in language handicapped children.) Questions de logopédie 9 (1), 1986, 9-25
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Introduction to language pathology
(London: Edward Arnold, 1980) 0 7131 6274 0; 0 7131 6275 9; Spanish translation 1983, Patalogia del lenguaje (Madrid: Cátedra), 272 pp. 84 376 0381 1
Introduction to language pathology
(London: Whurr, 1988), 2nd edition, x+229 pp. 1 871381 10 X
Introduction to language pathology (with R Varley)
(London: Whurr, 1993), 3rd edition, xiv+283 pp. 1 897635 50 8
Introduction to language pathology (with R Varley)
(London: Whurr, 1998; London: Wiley, from 2005), 4th edition, xvii+267 pp. 1 86156 071 0
ISAAC in chains: the future of communication systems
Augmentative and alternative communication 2 (4), 1986, 140-5
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Language handicap in children
(National Council for Special Education), Developing Horizons in Special Education, 1984, Series No 7, 51 pp. No ISBN
Language input variables in aphasia
In F.C. Rose (ed.), Progress in aphasiology (Advances in Neurology, 42) (New York: Raven Press, 1984), 145-58
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Language play and linguistic intervention
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 12 (3), 1996, 328-44; Russian translation from Ural State Pedagogical University in Lingvistika Creativa 3 (2014), 89-114
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Linguistic encounters with language handicap
(Oxford: Blackwell, 1984), xi+171 pp. 0 631 13869 2; paperback edition, 1987. 0 631 15493 0
Linguistic factors in specific learning disability
In Current research into specific learning difficulties: neurological aspects (Berkshire & Oxford Dyslexia Associations, 1982), 1-13
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Linguistic levels in aphasia
In F.C. Rose, R. Whurr & M.A. Wyke (eds), Aphasia (London: Whurr, 1988), 23-45
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Meeting the need for case studies
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 3 (3), 1987, 305-10
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Models of language pathology
In R.E. Asher, et al. (eds), The encylopedia of language and linguistics (Oxford: Pergamon, 1993)
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Normal and abnormal development of intonation
In Seven Ages of Man, Proceedings of the 7th National Conference of the College of Speech Therapists, Cardiff, 1975, 13-33
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Pasado, presente y futuro de la linguïstica clinica
In M. Montfort (ed.), Investigaccion y logopedia (Madrid: Ciencias de la Educacion Preescolar y Especial), III Logopedics Congess, Madrid, 1986, 34-42. (The past, present and future of clinical linguistics)
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Persevering with prosody
International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology 11 (4), 2009, 257
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Phonological assessment and language processing
In R. Elen & E. Offeciers (eds), Proceedings of the International Logopedisch Congres 2, Antwerp (Antwerp: Katholieke Vlaamse Hogeschool, 1989), 41-56
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Postilion sentences
Journal of Clinical Speech and Language Studies (Dublin) 5, 1995, 12-22. Expanded slightly in Child Language Teaching and Therapy 11 (1), 1995, 79-90
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Profile analysis of language disability (with P. Fletcher)
In C.J. Fillmore, D. Kempler & W.S-Y. Wang (eds), Individual differences in language ability and language behavior (New York: Academic Press, 1979), 167-88. Reprinted in Directions in applied linguistics
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Profiling grammar: more languages of LARSP (co-editor)
(eds) Paul Fletcher, Martin J Ball and David Crystal (Bristol: Multilingual Matters, 2016), xviii + 285 pp. 9781783094868
Profiling linguistic disability
(London: Edward Arnold, 1982), 218 pp. 0 7131 6354 2
Profiling linguistic disability
(London: Whurr, 1992; London: Wiley, from 2005), 2nd edition viii+229 pp. 1 870332 93 8
In XIX Congress of the International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics, Edinburgh, Folia Phoniatrica 35 (1/2), 1983, 1-12
Download: Clinical32
Putting profiles into practice
Speech Therapy in Practice 1, 1985, 4-5
Download: Clinical30
Research trends in the study of child language disability
Symposium on Research in Child Language Disorders, June 1981, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1-21
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Review comment on Fraser & Blockley
The language disordered child, Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology 17, 1981 (date uncertain)
Review of C. Code & M. Ball (eds), Experimental Clinical Phonetics
Therapy Weekly, 23 August 1984, 2
Download: Clinical21
Review of C. Code, The characteristics of aphasia
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 5(3), 1988, 367
Review of C. Meijer, et al., New perspectives in special education
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 12 (2), 1996, 254
Download: Clinical4
Review of C. Wren (ed), Language learning disabilities
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 1(3), 1985, 356-7
Download: Clinical27
Review of E.H. Wiig & E. Semel, Language assessment and intervention for the learning disabled
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 2 (3), 1986, 367-8
Review of J. Reynell, Language, development and assessment
Special Education, 1982
Review of M. Ball, Theoretical linguistics and disordered language
Therapy, 8, December 1988
Review of National Library for the Handicapped Child Catalogue of Library Holdings
1986, Child Language Teaching and Therapy 3(3), 1987, 361-3
Download: Clinical15
Review of P. Conn, Remedial syntax
British Journal of Disorders of Communication 7, 1972, 96-8
Download: Clinical46
Review of Y.V. O'Neill, Speech and speech disorders in Western thought before 1600
Annals of Science, 1982, 222-4
Download: Clinical33
Sense: the final frontier
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 14(1), 1998, 1-27
Download: Clinical3
Some early problems with verbs
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 1 (1), 1985, 46-53
Download: Clinical29
Studies in Language Disability (co-editor)
(Whurr / Wiley, 1974-2006)
Suffering a relarsp: a reply to Connolly
British Journal of Disorders of Communication 19 (1), 1984, 72-7
Download: Clinical22
Teaching vocabulary: the case for a semantic curriculum
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 3 (1), 1987, 40-56. Reprinted in K. Mogford-Bevan & J. Sadler (eds), Child language disability, 2 (Clevedon: Multilingual Matters, 1991), 43-58
Download: Clinical17
Terms, time and teeth
(The Elsie Fogerty Lecture) British Journal of Disorders of Communication 17 (1), 1982, 3-19
Download: Clinical35
The case of linguistics: a prognosis
British Journal of Disorders of Communication 7, 1972, 3-16. Reprinted and updated in Directions in applied linguistics, 1981
Download: Clinical44
The characterization of speech and language disorders: comments on the plenary session
AFASIC First International Symposium on Specific Speech and Language Disorders in Children, 1987
Download: Clinical16
The grammatical analysis of language disability (with P. Fletcher & M. Garman)
(London: Edward Arnold, 1976), vi+234 pp. ( Revised 1977, 1982) 0 7131 5842 5; 0 7131 5843 3; Spanish translation 1983, Analisis gramatical de los trastornos del lenguaje (Barcelona: Editorial Médica y Técnica), xii+300 pp. 084 85298 85 3
The grammatical analysis of language disability (with P. Fletcher & M. Garman)
(London: Cole & Whurr, 1989), 2nd edition, vi+247 pp. 1 871381 03 7
The moving power of spoken language
Responaut, Winter / Spring (1983-4), 20, 12-13
Download: Clinical31
The nature of specific language disorder in children and its assessment: the linguistic angle
In Invalid Children's Aid Association, Advances in working with language disordered children (London: ICAA, 1986), 1-5
Therapie du langage: les fondements linguistiques
In Actes Scientifiques du Congrès International d'Orthophonie, Nice (Paris: Fédération Nationale des Orthophonistes, 1988), 21-8; Speech therapy: the linguistic foundation, 29-36
Download: Clinical13
The structure and function of language
Paper for the meeting on Language development and communication problems of the handicapped, The Medical Education and Information Unit of the Spastics Society, Oxford, January 1984
Download: Clinical48
Things to remember when transcribing speech
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 1 (2), 1985, 235-9
Download: Clinical28
Towards a 'bucket' theory of language disability: taking account of interaction between linguistic levels
Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics 1, 1987, 7-22
Download: Clinical20
When language breaks down
4 talks for BBC Radio 4, June-July 1983
Working with LARSP
(London: Edward Arnold, 1979), viii+359 pp. 0 7131 6118 3