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Prosodic systems and intonation in English
(Cambridge: CUP, 1969), viii+381 pp. 0521073871
Prosodic systems and language acquisition
In P.R. Léon, G. Faure & A. Rigault (eds), Prosodic feature analysis (Montreal: Didier, 1970), 77-90
Download: Linguistics53
Pseudo-controversy in linguistic theory
In D. Crystal (ed.), Linguistic controversies (London: Edward Arnold, 1982), 16-24
Download: Linguistics34
In XIX Congress of the International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics, Edinburgh, Folia Phoniatrica 35 (1/2), 1983, 1-12
Download: Clinical32
Putting profiles into practice
Speech Therapy in Practice 1, 1985, 4-5
Download: Clinical30
Q and A: Professor David Crystal
Inspire (Canterbury Christ Church Magazine), Autumn 2011, 28-9
Download: Creative13
Quote index unquote.
The Indexer 22 (1), 2000, 16-22
Download: Indexing1
Quote - unquote
e magazine 2, March 1999, 46-7
Download: English71
Reading, grammar and the line
In D. Thackray (ed.), Growth in reading (London: Ward Lock Educational, 1979), 26-38
Download: Education22
Recent developments in linguistics
BBC Foreign Service; reprinted in English by Radio, May, 1966
Rediscover grammar
London: Longman, 1988, 223 pp. 0 582 00258 3; revised edition, 1996; Thai translation, 1996. 974 512 594 6; Japanese translation, 1992. 4 268 00137 9; Chinese translation, 1995. 962 00 1352 2
Rediscover grammar
London: Longman, 1996, revised edition 239 pp. 0 582 00258 3
Rediscover grammar
London: Pearson Longman, 2004, 3rd edn 254 pp. 0 582 84862 8
Refining stylistic discourse categories
In G. Melchers & B. Warren (eds), English linguistics in honour of Magnus Ljung (Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell, 1994), 35-46
Download: Stylistics3
Reflecting linguistic change
The Teacher Trainer 10 (1), 1996, 15-16
Download: Education13
Reithed in gloom
English Today 47, 1996, 38-40. Based on Independent on Sunday article, 11 February 1996
Download: English45
Relative and absolute in intonation analysis
Journal of the International Phonetics Association 1, 1971, 17-28. Reprinted in The English tone of voice
Download: Linguistics59
Relevance of linguistics to the O Level examination (with K Owen)
Memorandum to Welsh Joint Education Council, 1964
Download: Education25
Remembering excellence - eventually
St Mary's College, Crosby, school magazine, 1996
Download: Creative3
Remember thy friends
Around the Globe 20, 2002, 12-13
Download: Shakespeare30
Research profile
Wolfson College Magazine 32, 2008, 40-41
Download: Internet14
Research trends in the study of child language disability
Symposium on Research in Child Language Disorders, June 1981, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1-21
Download: Clinical38
Reverse indexing.
Paper to the 50th Anniversary Conference of the Society of Indexers, Roehampton (July 2007), The Indexer, 26 (1), 2008, 14-17
Download: Indexing14
Review comment on Fraser & Blockley
The language disordered child, Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology 17, 1981 (date uncertain)
Review of A. Bar Adon & W. Leopold (eds), Child language: a book of readings
Journal of Linguistics 8, 1972, 326-32
Download: Children7
Review of A.C. Gimson, An introduction to the pronunciation of English, 4th edn
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 5(3), 1988, 367-8
Review of A.C. Partridge, English biblical translation
The Tablet, 7 April 1973, 329-31
Download: Religion16
Review of A.Q. Morton & J. McLeman, Christianity and the computer
New Blackfriars, 1965, 251-2
Download: Religion12
Review of A. Sealey, Learning about language
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 12 (3), 1996, 374
Download: Education11
Review of Blackwell Handbooks in Linguistics (3 books)
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 12 (3), 1996, 370
Review of B. McLaughlin, Second-language acquisition in childhood 2
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 2 (3), 1986, 368
Review of B. Wren, What language shall I borrow?
The Tablet, 1990
Download: Religion1
Review of C. Brumfit, Language education in the National Curriculum
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 12 (3), 1996, 376-7
Download: Education8
Review of C. Code & M. Ball (eds), Experimental Clinical Phonetics
Therapy Weekly, 23 August 1984, 2
Download: Clinical21
Review of C. Code, The characteristics of aphasia
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 5(3), 1988, 367
Review of C. Culshaw & D. Walters, Headwork
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 2 (1), 1985, 115-16
Download: Education17
Review of Chambers 20th Century Dictionary
The Tablet, 14 October 1972, 979-80
Download: Lexicography10
Review of C. Meijer, et al., New perspectives in special education
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 12 (2), 1996, 254
Download: Clinical4
Review of C. Walker, Wordskill
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 3(3), 1987, 368
Review of C. Wren (ed), Language learning disabilities
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 1(3), 1985, 356-7
Download: Clinical27
Review of D. Abercrombie, et al. (eds), In honour of Daniel Jones
Le Maître Phonétique 122, 1964, 26-7
Download: Linguistics45
Review of Daniel Nettle & Suszanne Romaine, Vanishing Voices
THES, 9 February 2001
Download: Langdeath9
Review of D. Freeborn, A course book in English grammar
English Today 11, 1987, 42
Download: English79
Review of D.L. Bolinger, Intonation and its parts
Times Literary Supplement, 29 August 1986, 949
Review of D. Leith, A social history of English
The Listener, 1983
Review of E. Benveniste, Indo-European language and society
The Tablet, September 1973
Download: Linguistics67
Review of E. Carney, A survey of English spelling
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 12 (2), 1996, 256
Download: English44
Review of E.H. Wiig & E. Semel, Language assessment and intervention for the learning disabled
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 2 (3), 1986, 367-8
Review of F. Parker, Linguistics for non-linguists
Speech Therapy in Practice, March 1987, 22
Download: Linguistics30
Review of Frank Kermode, The age of Shakespeare
New Statesman, 5 July 2004, 53
Download: Shakespeare9
Review of Frank Kermode, The age of Shakespeare
New Statesman, 5 July 2004, 53
Download: Shakespeare9
Review of F W Hilles and H Bloom, From sensibility to romanticism: essays presented to Frederick A Pottle
The Tablet, 14 August 1965, 906-7
Download: Stylistics15
Review of G.B. Caird, The language and imagery of the Bible
Times Literary Supplement, 8 August 1980, 902.
Download: Religion6
Review of G. Colson, Voice production and speech
Prompt 3, 1963, 34-5
Download: Linguistics43
Review of G. Steiner, Extraterritorial
The Tablet, May 1972
Download: Stylistics12
Review of G. Steiner, Language and silence
The Tablet, 1967
Download: Linguistics74
Review of H. Hartvigsson, On the intonation and position of the so-called sentence modifiers in present-day English
Journal of the International Phonetics Association 1, 1971, 102-6
Download: English114
Review of J. Aitchison, Words in the mind
English Today 14, 1988, 60-1
Download: Linguistics26
Review of J.A. van Ek, Four complementary structures of predication
Lingua 22, 1969, 400-7.
Download: Linguistics50
Review of J. Cresswell, Dictionary of First Names
The Tablet, 9 February 1991, 167-8
Download: Lexicography6
Review of J.E. Towell & H.E. Sheppard, Acronyms, initialisms and abbreviations dictionaries
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 3(3),1987, 365-6
Download: English77
Review of J. Honey, The language trap
BAAL Newsletter 18, 1983; reprinted in English in Education (NATE), Spring 1984, 18(1), 54-65
Download: Education19
Review of J. Laver, Principles of phonetics
Child Language Teaching and Therapy12 (2), 1996, 255-6
Download: Linguistics19
Review of J.M. Valdes, Culture bound
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 3(3), 1987, 369
Review of John F.A. Sawyer and J.M.Y. Simpson (eds), Concise encyclopedia of language and religion
(Elsevier, 2001), Journal of Sociolinguistics 6(3), 2002, 449-53
Download: Religion
Review of J. Reid & M. Donaldson, R& D
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 1 (2), 1985, 244-5
Download: Education18
Review of J. Reid & M. Donaldson, R&D
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 3(3), 1987, 367-8
Download: Education15
Review of J. Reynell, Language, development and assessment
Special Education, 1982
Review of J. Searle, Speech Acts
New Blackfriars, December 1970, 581-2
Download: Linguistics58
Review of J.S. Romine & H. Ehrlich, Quick vocabulary power
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 12 (3), 1996, 375
Download: Education10
Review of J. Wallwork, Language and Linguistics
Journal of Linguistics 6, 1970, 307-8
Download: Linguistics56
Review of J.W. Black, et al., The use of words in context
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 3(3), 1987, 366-7
Download: English76
Review of K. Stroh & T. Robinson, Learning and communication (video)
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 10 (1), 1994, 124-5
Review of L. Mugglestone, Talking proper
Times Higher Education Supplement, 7 July 1995, 19
Download: English48
Review of Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 2
for Japanese office of Longman (Maruzen, 1987)
Review of M. Agar, Language shock
Times Higher Education Supplement, 11 November 1994, 34
Download: Linguistics23
Review of M.A.K. Halliday, Intonation and English grammar
Language 45, 1969, 378-93
Download: Linguistics51
Review of Manfred Görlach, A Dictionary of European Anglicisms and English in Europe
Times Higher Education Supplement, 15 August 2003
Review of M. Ball, Theoretical linguistics and disordered language
Therapy, 8, December 1988
Review of M. Black, The labyrinth of language
New Blackfriars, August 1969, 613-14
Download: Linguistics52
Review of Melvyn Bragg, The Adventure of English
The Sunday Times, 12 October 2003, 48
Download: English11
Review of National Library for the Handicapped Child Catalogue of Library Holdings
1986, Child Language Teaching and Therapy 3(3), 1987, 361-3
Download: Clinical15
Review of N. Enkvist, et al., Linguistics and style
Journal of Linguistics 1, 1965, 173-9
Review of new films on child development (with M. Garman)
Journal of Child Language 1, 1974, 123-33
Download: Children6
Review of P. Conn, Remedial syntax
British Journal of Disorders of Communication 7, 1972, 96-8
Download: Clinical46
Review of P. Levi, The English Bible: from Wycliffe to William Barnes
The Tablet, 1975
Review of P. Lieberman, The speech of primates
Journal of Linguistics 10, 1974, 330-3
Review of P. Scofield, Quantifying language
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 12 (3), 1996, 377
Download: Linguistics18
Review of P. Van Buren, The edges of language; G. Ebeling, Introduction to a Theological Theory of Language; P. Helm, The varieties of belief; A. Jeffner,The study of religious language; J. Ladrière
Speaking of mystery, Times Literary Supplement, August 1973, 10. Revised and expanded for ‘Le statut ...’ (1974)
Review of R. Brown, A first language
Journal of Child Language 1, 1974, 289-307
Download: Children4
Review of R. Burchfield, The English Language
The Month, January 1986, 34-5
Download: English90
Review of R. Carter, Keywords in language and literacy
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 12 (3), 1996, 375-6
Download: Education9
Review of R. Carter (ed.), Linguistics and the teacher
British Journal of Educational Studies 31 (3), 1983, 279-82
Download: Education20
Review of R. Harris, The language connection and R. Harris (ed.), The origin of language
Times Higher Education Supplement, 6 June 1997, 22
Download: Linguistics68
Review of R. Harris, The language myth
The Listener 2727, 17 September 1981, 311
Download: Linguistics69
Review of R. Higginson & B. MacWhinney, CHILDES/BIB
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 12 (2), 1996, 254-5
Download: Children1
Review of R. McCrum, et al., The story of English
Sunday Telegraph, September 1986
Download: English89
Review of Rodney Huddleston and Geoffrey Pullum, The Cambridge grammar of the English language
The Indexer 23(2), 108-9
Download: English13
Review of Roger Lass, The shape of English
Times Literary Supplement, 25-31 March 1988, 327.
Download: English116
Review of R. Posner, K. Robering & T. A. Sebeok (eds), Semiotik/Semiotics
Times Higher Education Supplement, 1998
Download: Linguistics15
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